Corriechoille Lodge Guesthouse

Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire.

B&B / Guest House Accommodation in the Highlands of Scotland.


  • Justin or Lucy Swabey,
    Corriechoille Lodge,
    Spean Bridge,
    Inverness-shire. PH34 4EY
  • Tel: +44(0)7434 781443
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The Environment

he Environment has always been important to us as we started and then expanded our business at Corriechoille, and hopefully this will enable you to enjoy your holiday here with a clearer conscience. Here are a few of the measures that we take / have taken to try and reduce the environmental impact of our business:

  • In 2015 we installed a state of the art log fired boiler, to provide heating and hot water for both the Lodge and our Self Catering Cabins. Wood for the boiler is all sourced either from our own sustainable woodland or local FSC certified commercial woodland. Our log boiler saves an estimated 17 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and helps to sustain the local forestry economy.
  • In 2002 we built Corriechoille Cabins, our self catering business. The cabins are built of arctic pine from certified sustainable sources, are heated entirelywith wood, are very well insulated and have turf covered roofs, to blend in to their environment sympathetically and soak up more CO2.
  • Throughout our properties, we use various strategies to reduce electricity consumption - low energy bulbs, energy saver devices for refrigeration equipment, lighting and wireless equipment on timer switches.
  • We use delivery services whenever possible for business supplies to reduce our transport emissions.
  • We use our own home produced eggs, fruit and vegetables whenever available and source other produce as locally as possible to reduce "food miles".
  • Although the Lodge is a large and old house, we are constantly looking for ways to make it more thermally efficient.
  • We try to use as little energy as possible for doing our laundry - cleaning towels only when guest request, using hot water produced from our log boiler (rather than electrically heated cold water) in our machines, washing at low temperature, air drying when possible.
  • All of our cleaning / washing up liquids and powders are biodegradable.
  • We recycle, compost or burn (in our boiler) as much waste as possible .
  • New for 2015 - We now have an Electric Vehicle Charge Point available for guests use.
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