Corriechoille Lodge Guesthouse

Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire.

B&B / Guest House Accommodation in the Highlands of Scotland.


  • Justin or Lucy Swabey,
    Corriechoille Lodge,
    Spean Bridge,
    Inverness-shire. PH34 4EY
  • Tel: +44(0)1397 712002
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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Policy

Unfortunately we can't all be quite as care free as we used to be on holiday, but hopefully most of extra precautions we need to take will soon become second nature, and we won't have to think about them too much. For your benefit, and for ours, and so that we can all be a bit more relaxed, we've outlined the extra measures that we'll be taking as well as what we expect of our guests

What we're doing

  • We've changed our check in (earliest 16:30) and check out (latest 10:00) times to give us extra time to clean at changeovers. Please help us by observing these.
  • We will avoid contact with guests, and remain socially distant (that sounds unfriendly, buy you know what we mean!).
  • Seating has been arranged in the dining room and sitting room to enable adequate social distancing between guests.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance to public areas - ie dining room and sitting room. Please use it on entering these rooms.
  • We've always done it anyway, but before any food handling we are thoroughly washing our hands and all surfaces / utensils.
  • Breakfast cereals are individually packaged so that you don't have to touch containers that other guests have touched. Condiments are labelled so that they stay on the same tables.
  • All public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected, paying particular attention to surfaces such as stair rails and door knobs that are touched more often.
  • We'll be opening windows in public areas more often to improve ventilation.
  • On changeovers, bedrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, including all bedding and furnishings, to make your room a thoroughly safe area.
  • We've reduced the number of cushions and unnecessary clutter in the bedrooms (sorry if it looks a little spartan).
  • During your stay, we won't be servicing your room as we usually would, to avoid extra risk of contamination. We will only enter guests rooms during changeovers. Please do ask for loo rolls / re-fills of teas, coffees, biscuits etc should you need them, and we will leave them outside your door.
  • We are restricting the maximum number of guests that we will be accommodating in the guesthouse this year to allow for easier social distancing and for more time to clean.

What we'd like you to do

  • This is very important - please do not come and stay with us if you have any known Coronavirus symptoms or you know that you have recently been in close contact with somebody who had the virus or it's symptoms. Quite apart from avoiding spreading the virus, we will be forced to close for 2 weeks and cancel all bookings if anybody who has stayed recently tests positive. Our current cancellation policy is that we will not penalise you in any way should you need to cancel a booking for a Coronavirus related reason. If in doubt, please don't come.
  • If you begin to display COVID-19 symptoms whilst staying with us, you must inform us, immediately self-isolate following government guidelines, and request a test. If the test is positive, you should return home if you reasonably can. If this is not possible, we will discuss the next available options with you as soon as possible.
  • Please observe good hygiene practices whilst you are here - eg: regular hand washing, especially before leaving your room, covering your mouth (not with your hands) when you cough etc.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entering any public rooms.
  • Please ensure that you maintain social distance from ourselves and other guests.
  • Please sit at the same table for meals for the duration of your stay.
  • On the morning that you are leaving, please open a window or two in your bedroom to ventilate it.
  • We have a good selection of books available in the guest sitting room. We'd like guests to still have access to them. Please don't touch the books unless you want to read them, and if you do choose one, please keep it with you and leave it in your bedroom when you leave.
  • Whilst you're out and about in the area, please respect the feelings of the local community. There have been very few cases of Coronavirus in the area and locals are understandably apprehensive about the return of tourists. We want you to enjoy your holiday and for the locals to be happy that you are here.